Interesting Consequences of Living in a Simulated World

If we believe that a simulation of our world is possible, then it’s rational to think we are in a simulation ourselves.

And if we are indeed living in a simulation, it makes for some fun thinking.


Our simulation could be stopped and started, and we’d never know it. During a pause, the state of the simulation would be perfectly preserved, and we’d be none the wiser when it was restarted.


The state of our simulation could be perfectly replicated, capturing the state of every single basic building block - its position, motion, energy, etc.

If we were to observe both the simulations at some point in the future, they would still be exact replicas. They will forever follow the same path.

Free Will

If that is the case, then it means that the future is predetermined. So out goes the concept of free will. Well, maybe it’s just that our will is preordained.

Predicting the Future

If our future is already determined, we could predict it. All we need to do is spin up a replica simulation, dial in space and time coordinates and ‘time travel’ to the future and observe it.

Deriving the Past

Similar to time traveling to the future, could we also derive the past?

Time Construct

And finally, if we can time travel to the past or future, then what is time? It seems to support the theory that time is just a construct of our minds and everything has already happened.